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A few weeks ago, we moved to Melbourne. Whenever you make a move from your home town, where your friends and family are, there is always mixed feelings. You miss the comforts of home. For us, Vancouver had everything, including great food and good coffee (if you know where to look). So what do we do to make ourselves at home? We seek out good coffee. After all, we had heard from every one who had been there that the coffee was pretty darn good there. Let's just say, having tried the coffee here, it is one less reason to be home sick.

We went to Patricia's on our first week here and could immediately tell that I wouldn't be missing the coffee back in Vancouver. This place was a little hard to find (like everything in Melbourne, the good places are hidden in some laneway or alley) but we were glad that we did. I would confidently say that this place serves up better coffee than anything we have. The only dangerous thing is that it is only a 3 minute walk from work...

p a t r i c i a ' s

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  1. The second shot really caught my heart! Oh, I am a sucker for good coffee and I can't count how many cafes I've been to here.
    Your post speaks so much truth! You always find the comfort things when you go to a new place, I think it helps with transitioning in :)

  2. Oh no! I need a cup of coffee now! Lovely pictures. The place looks cozy. Congratulations with moving!

  3. Oh yay, I have been waiting for a Melbourne post! Patricia's looks wonderful; I have tried a bunch of cafes in Melbourne but have yet to try this one. Will have to put it on the list for my next visit :) Love your photos, as always!

  4. Ahh what a lovely looking place! Everything, from the coffee decoration to the font they used for their name :)

  5. This cafe looks really cute. I admit I'm no coffee connoisseur though!

    Hope you guys are settling in well. Your pictures are amazing!

  6. Oh this looks great! And lovely photos. Best of luck with settling in! :)