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It's been a while since the last post. We made a move from Vancouver to Melbourne and now we're 4 weeks in (almost). Anyway, before we get into that, I wanted to finish the posts on our recent trip to the California coast in July. From San Francisco to Napa Valley and now driving down south along the Pacific Coast Highway towards LA. We had heard so much about the PCH from friends and those who have driven down that path. It got us thinking about the views, the crashing waves, the cliffs, the winding roads... That was more than enough to get us going along that route.

m o n t e r e y

From Napa Valley, we drove 3 hours or so down to Monterey. We heard a lot about this little beach side town. It had that west coast feel as we drove in. Sure enough, you could see the coast to our right as we arrived - good sign. We stayed at the Portola Hotel and Spa while we were there and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Two nights of comfortable rest in a hotel that was right by the water? Not going to complain too much. While we were there we visited the Monterey Aquarium as well. I'll admit, we are kids at heart and we love animals of most kinds so we had a blast here. The jelly fish exhibit was particularly entertaining... for one of us more than the other ;)

We had the chance to go to the little town of Carmel while we were there too. This town was only about a 10-15 minute drive from Monterey but when we got there, we noticed that the landscape was completely different. Much of the Carmel we drove through was slanted downhill with small but purposeful houses perched on the slope. Amidst the ample amount of trees, we found small boutique stores and loads of restaurants. To be honest, if we stay along the coast again, Carmel would be a place we would consider as it just had that quiet but charming feel to it. The restaurants we visited were great and the people were very welcoming and helpful. Not sure how to describe it but visit if you get the chance!

t h e d r i v e

After spending a few days in Monterey, we drove south over 3 hours to get to Pismo Beach. But before that, we made stop after stop after stop to admire the views to our right. All along the Big Sur, we saw view after view of cliffs and ocean below. From Point Lobos State Park to the Bixby Bridge to Pfeiffer Beach... I'll let the pictures do the talking here.

p i s m o b e a c h

Our last stop before heading down to LAX, we stayed in Pismo Beach for one night. A beach front town, this place had a spectacular pier that stretched out into the ocean. Heaps of surfers were on the beach taking in the waves. After checking into our hotel (The Cliffs at Pismo Beach), we ventured out for a bite to eat and even found a great bbq spot by the water (better than anything we had had in Vancouver anyway). Then it was to the beach for shots during sunset where we ran around frantically trying to find the best perspective. There is something about long piers and the water that make a setting so picturesque :)


  1. Beautiful! Next time you are in north California, go to Point Reyes!

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    And I'm so happy you left a comment becuase now I know you're site! I am so amazed, it's so hard to find beautiful and unique photography sites.

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    Vsco, is it

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