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This past weekend was a good one. For one, it was a weekend of firsts. Firstly, we got the opportunity to hang out with Natasha and Derek from, Beautifully, Suddenly this weekend. I have long since been following Natasha’s flickr and blog. People who know of her work have an idea of the masterful way she works her camera as she has taken some of my favourite editorial grade coffee, flower, and market shots. It was a pleasure meeting with the two of you! Next time, I will buy coffee ok? We also had a chance to meet one of J’s friends from way back when (17 years). Thanks for taking us around in the rain. Looking forward to the next time!

Secondly, we had a chance to visit our first Anthony Bourdain featured restaurant – Porteno. If you are a meat eater, this seriously is a can’t miss restaurant in Sydney. Serving 8 hour slow roasted pork and lamb as well as amazing wagyu skirt steak, it is really no wonder why there is such hype about this place. A word of warning though, get there early if you are a party under 5. We got there at 6:05pm and we ended up having to wait until 7:45pm for dinner because we just missed the first cut. Luckily they had a lounge upstairs where you could order tapas and drinks while you wait. Just don’t order too much food upstairs because you really don’t want to miss out on the entrees. I love steak and I have visited some great steak restaurants in North America but this wagyu steak was legendary.

Finally, we visited Sydney for the first time since our arrival in Australia about 3 months ago. It was only a weekend trip but we felt it was time we took another weekend off to see the other most celebrated city in this country. We wandered around the town, walking enough for a few weeks worth to see some of the sites such as the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t cooperating so the beach was deferred until next time. Rain or not though, we had a great time. We will definitely be back in the very near future (hopefully when the weather is better)!

The rain was around all weekend. But under it gave us a good excuse to settle down and have a few drinks at the Opera House Bar. It certainly doesn't stop the crowds in Sydney from queuing up for great food. Apparently, the seagulls weren't phased either.

Christmas is near! That means Japan is too :)


  1. Awesome pics! I dream to go to Sidney and have some firsts there, too.: )

  2. Amazing, high detailed pictures! Like serious, this
    could fit in any quality magazines really.
    Sydney is a lovely city that I want to visit one day
    c: Xx

  3. Amazing photos, they're so so so perfect (seriously in awe), Sydney is an awesome city I agree, I need to go back some time soon, but too bad I live on the other side of the globe haha.

  4. It is really not only to say something. I really like everything on this blog, I love how something even being in a context of completely different places and experiences do inspire because it holds universal beauty and quality. I went through the pictures and what made me smile is that u visited almost the same places as I did this summer in Italy. And that picture of red fiat car specially, because I made almost the same:) The pictures are really stunning, all of them. xx

  5. Wow, what beautiful photography! I love these shots... it makes me want to visit Australia so bad! I bet the food was amazing... Anothony Bourdain- yum!

    My favorite photo is the one of the chair with the background traffic... very striking! Lovely blog :)


  6. Aw, I wish it didn't rain your first time there! But you will now have so many opportunities to visit Sydney and take beautiful sunny photos - and I can't wait! I enjoy Natasha's photos so much, her portfolio is absolutely stunning!

  7. These are really beautiful shots! Australia is one of those places I would love to visit..

  8. Sounds you had a great week, and all this photos are truly amamzing.

  9. Isn't it fun putting on the tourist hat and going on an adventure even if you have lived in a place for a little while. :)

  10. Oof, I feel so bad that you guys had such terrible weather for your visit! It does make for some great photos, though (love the one of the seagull in the rain!). So great to meet you both :)

  11. Aw too bad it was such bad weather when you visited! Crossing my fingers that it's sunny next time so you can get ot the beach. Love that seagull photo (they are evil, though).